You can actually install window blinds on your own, which would create a soothing temperature and block sun rays. You could purchase these items at almost any home centres, department stores or from any stores online. The fact that they're available in varieties of styles, colours and sizes is the beauty of buying such item. The next important step you need to do is install them as soon as you found out which premium shades is for your home. You will be able to discover tips that you must bear in mind when installing these items as you read this article.


Removing the tie up curtains that may be imposing challenges at times of the installation of these shades or the hardware of drapery is what you need to do first. It is quite important that you've checked the balls, screws or any other relevant parts are included in the set of shades that you have purchased from the department store.


For our second step, this is where you're expected to create distinctive mark onto the vertical side of the window.


In step three, you must keep the brackets at the right place to be able to mount the window shades from correctly. You must mark the area where you can make some holes when holding it in place. Make it a point that you're making use of a good drilling machine in an effort to make holes in places so you want it to fit. It is important to remove the dirt or sawdust that's often produced when digging up the holes as soon as you are through in the process. It is vital that you install another centre bracket for support in case that the windows are more than 44 inches wide.


You need to attach the bracket in place and be sure that you've lined it up with the screw holes that are made onto the vertical sides of your windows. You need to fasten each together with the 2 big screws. Install the rest of brackets in same manner if possible; this is to mount the window shades.


For the fourth step, you should fix slender wood shim. It would be vital that you have positioned it between brackets and make all screws fixed and tight. Check twice if they are on the same level. And whenever necessary, you will need to cut another shim by using a small knife.



The last and final step is either the easiest or hardest as you will have to test everything if they're working properly, otherwise, you've done something wrong in the previous steps. You can get a lot of information about the topic from too.